Amazing Facts of Website Design & Development Services

Creating a website is much easier than before, now you have got various opensource platforms and paid plugins using which you can easily design & develop a stunning website. But you cannot find a pre-built extension of the functionality, which is generation of your new idea, for such new inventions you would always need a custom coding of a website. Before making a decision of whether to go with a template based, drag & drop platform such as wordpress and opencart, or getting yourself a brand new website with amazing features and functionality let us know some amazing facts of website design & development services.

1. Audience Decision to Stay on your website is within 8 Seconds-
Visitors do not wait for long as millions of things are available on the web, then why should they stay on your website? You need to give them a reason to stick to your website by delivering exact content in a shorter time and showcasing great design. Your website must also have enough speed to load as soon as possible, a visitor gets away from your website if it does not turn on completely within 2 seconds. For better speed, your coding must be up-to-date and your website server space should be enough to load all your assets easily. Top 5 Website Designing Company in Delhi always suggests to get your website designed by custom codes as it gives your design uniqueness and you will not need to purchase & update plugins as & when they publish new versions.

2. More than 60% of Web visitors are Mobile Users-
With the advancement in the technologies, the audience is getting smarter with having smartphones in their pocket. That time has gone when people used to open their desktops & laptops for surfing the web, now with the age of smart& compact devices, users can search anything anywhere thus in a research it was found that More visitors on any website is from mobile devices rather than large devices. For this reason website design technology has updated to responsive coding, i.e code is written in a way that a single website can work perfectly on all types of devices. It adjusts its images & content according to tablet, mobiles or large systems so readability is increased for readers and hence the probability of conversion increases. Template based opensource platform responsiveness depends upon what type of theme you have selected; it may be possible that you have downloaded a free version or purchased a theme which is not responsive. Whereas Website Development Company in Delhi works on fully responsive as well as mobile responsive web designs.

3. Search Ranking is affected by Website Coding-
You may have heard sometimes that website designing, and digital marketing or SEO is totally different. The above statement is partially true, as both are different jobs as one requires designing and coding and other requires digital promotion, but website coding & SEO are inter-related. For a better google ranking, a website needs to have SEO friendly coding as per guidance and regulation from google which is refreshed & circulated every 3 months. In case of any drag & drop website where you or your developer cannot manage code, you will need to have a new website for new guidelines of Google. When you get a website designed by Website Development Company, they have source the code with them and can make changes as & when required to keep the website up-to-date resulting your website getting maximum return from the SEO activities.

4. 70% of your website visitor is from Blogs-
Blog on your website is the best method to generate organic traffic to your website. Most people google what they want to know, and if they land-up to one of your blogs then you can easily make them visit your website. Either you can publish blogs on third party websites and link them to your website link or you can add a blog section to your website and start putting blogs on it.

5. Users look for Call to Action Buttons on the Website-
How many times you have visited a website, though of availing the service or to know more about it but then it got postponed and the day never came? Yes, many times! And the same can happen with your consumers while visiting your website. Never miss a chance to miss a probable customer, use a call to action buttons to capture their contact details so you can reach out them later-on or directly get them to purchase your product. A website homepage must have 2 call to action buttons such as call schedule, Download free video course, Start your free trial, Free Consultation, Request My Free quote today, etc. One of the best call to action is proven when a button or text says ‘Don’t Click Here’, visitors intend to click and look what’s inside.